The Zoom Advantage

Our advantage is providing fresh-cut flowers that are super-fresh, high-quality, and available at very competitive prices.

Here’s how we do it:


We connect the retail florist directly to the grower by shortening the traditional chain of distribution.

By moving flowers as quickly as possible, with minimal storing, our retail florist customers are able to work with our product longer. Or, they can turn them quickly to provide super-fresh flowers to their customers who will notice how long they last and will come back for more.

Our flowers spend more of their life in a vase—not in a box!

Traditional Distribution Chain* (Imported, Fresh-Cut Flowers)



2 – 3 days


2 – 5 days


2 – 5 days

Total transit time with typical hold times: 6 – 13 days

* Assumes international cargo flight and domestic truck transportation which describes the vast majority of product sold.

Zoom Standing Order Distribution Chain**



1 – 2.5 days


1.5 – 2 days

Total transit time: 2.5 – 4.5 days

** Standing order product is not stored and moves as quickly as possible from grower to retailer. Inventory product will typically be held longer to provide flexibility to our customers who cannot commit to a standing order and want to buy only as needed.

Flowers that leave our farms on Thursday can be in your cooler on Monday!

Many importers ship their flowers on lower cost carriers which often results in delays and spotty service. Zoom pays a premium price for dedicated space with the best cargo carriers which means our flowers move faster and more consistently—minimizing delays to our customers. This is especially critical during the all-important Valentine’s and Mother’s Day holidays.


Our many decades of combined experience in the industry means we understand how to select farms known for producing high-quality flowers. Many of our growers are personal friends with whom we have shared important moments over the years. We invest in these relationships by making frequent visits to the farms and meeting in person—not only with top farm management but also their teams of employees in the greenhouses, post-harvest and packing operations.

Zoom is also well-known for making timely payments to our vendors. Why does this matter? Our growers want to keep us happy and support our requests for adherence to strict quality and freshness standards. In addition to ensuring we are taken care of week-to-week, we are often given preferential treatment at important times of the year like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

Competitive Prices

We are acutely aware of the problems faced by retail florists who must survive in the increasingly challenging world of super-market and online competitors. Reducing your costs of goods sold is one very important aspect of your survival strategy.

We strive to provide flowers on standing order at highly-competitive prices so our customers can meet these challenges and still make a reasonable return. While Zoom has a lot of product on standing order, we recognize that no one can always predict their needs and some florists prefer to buy only what they need, rather than committing to a standing order. For these customers, we carry some inventory that will be priced at market value.

Put our advantage to your advantage!

If you’re new to Zoom, contact one of our friendly sales professionals to ask about a very special welcome gift: a box of premium roses for 1/2 price so you can compare our freshness and quality to your other suppliers. We’re ready to work hard and help you succeed—let us show you how!

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